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The FIRST Edu eco experience tourism based on Sea Cucumber in the World.

Kampong Teripang is a tourist destination which offered attractive activities with a lot of experiencing. 

Stay Experience

Experiences the Collagen

In 2020, Kampong Teripang was established as the world’s first sea cucumber-based tourism ecology which was inaugurated directly by the Governor of Riau Islands Province. Edu-ecotourism Kampong Teripang is the first sea cucumber-based edu-ecotourism in the world.

Because the population is not widely cultivated by some fishermen, it is hoped that it can immediately have a very beneficial impact on the economic sector and the community. These impacts include the development of the creative economy, job opportunities, improving the quality of skills and socio-economic development

Explore - Melamun Villa

MeLamun Villa

Want to find a healing place with a different sensation in the middle of the sea? Come visit MeLamun!

Explore - Hatching _ Sea Ranching

Hatching and Sea Ranching

We release the sea cucumbers from the Hatchery to maintain their sustainability

Explore - Housome Store

Housome Store

Shop for products made from Hydrolyzed Collagen of sea cucumbers beneficial for
beauty and body health here

Explore - Longdrip Cafe _ Resto

Longdrip Cafe & Resto

Our café serves food and beverages based on Hydrolyzed Collagen

Explore - Club KT

Club KT

Club KT is present as a forum to develop the Creativity, Interests & Talents with various supporting activities & facilities

Explore - SoF

School of Fish (SoF) Workshop

School of Fish is taken from the Schooling concept, which is a group of similar fish species that swim together simultaneously

Explore - Conservation Trip

Lamun Warrior

We have a location in the middle of the sea where we can hatch sea cucumbers using marine biotechnology as a way of teaching and ensuring long-term sustainability


Local Wisdom: Bekarang

Local fishermen on Bintan Island have a local wisdom known as Bekarang. Bekarang in Bintan Island is primarily focused on searching for sea cucumbers at a time when sea levels are decreasing. Because the search for sea cucumbers is done by walking and picking them up by hand without using any damaging tools, this activity is environmentally friendly. The benefit is that marine animal ecosystems are not depleted to the point of extinction, and seagrass meadows can be protected.

Travel Package

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Kampong Teripang

Experiences the collagen.

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